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Tired of letting enemy units with 1 hp? Does your opponent still seem to have more elixir than you?

No more defeats on the wire! Spell Comparator for Clash Royale is the application that will allow you to readapt your deck and climb the ladder!

Why download Spell Comparator?

In addition to being completely free, light and devoid of advertising, Spell Comparator is :

A personal analysis

A recovery of the level of your own cards thanks to your ID.

An infinity of combinations

Selects up to 8 spells simultaneously, and discovers their damage on the target of your choice.

An elixir calculation

No more unnecessary spending, discover your added value as an elixir and cast your spells only when it's worth it.

An application always up to date

Thanks to Supercell's official API, the application is automatically updated with the latest patches.

Very easy to use

Learn to counter. Climb the Ladder.

Enter your Clash Royale #ID

It will allow the application to recover your nickname, your trophies, and the levels of each card.

Select your game mode

Choose your game mode: Trophies / Ladder to test your current card level, or Tournament to limit the maximum level of cards

Select your spells/h5>

You can choose up to 8 spells in the list, automatically filled from the cards you own and their level

Select the unit you want to attack

Choose from the set of troops or buildings in the game the target on which you wish to cast your spells.

Analyze the results

The final page shows you the result of the spells on the troop: the difference of elixir, the damage done, and the life left to the latter after that

Make changes to find the ideal counter

At each step you can go back, to select other troops, other spells, another mode of play or simply another account.

Share with #SpellComparator community

Proud of your most beautiful moves? Ashamed of your worst fails? Share your most unusual actions with the SpellComparator community on Twitter, with the #SpellComparator hastag !

Our team

Before being a developer, we are 2 players and fan of Clash Royale, and we are playing for the Volcom clan #GQRJC.


IOS Developer


Android Developer


UI Designer


Sophia Antipolis, France

Spell Comparator

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